“Pantheon on Kalabox” will add a new custom pantheon section to your app’s kalabox.yml file. Most of this information is added during the initial creation of your app but some configuration options can be changed. You can also alter the config provided by the core Kalabox plugins

Why is my file syncing so slow?

File sharing is a notoriously hard problem for local development environments. Luckily, we’ve provided a few settings to optimize the performance of your sync in the event that our default file sharing settings are not sufficient. For info on how to do that and for more background on this FML problem check out our section on file sharing


“Pantheon on Kalabox” will slightly alter the functionality of the default sharing plugin so that it ignores the filemount for your CMS. Your Drupal, WordPress and Backdrop files are shared via a differnet mechanism and should be accessible in the files directory of your app root. Here are the directories we ignore given the CMS:

drupal: 'sites/default/files'
drupal8: 'sites/default/files'
wordpress: 'wp-content/uploads'
backdrop: 'files'

Where is my files directory?

We will sync the above directories to /media inside of your data container. This directory is then shared out automatically to the files directory in your app root.


Here is an example of a normal pantheon section in your kalabox.yml file.

  email: [email protected]
  site: playbox
  env: dev
  images: v0.13.0-alpha.1
  framework: drupal
    - search_*
  php: 53
    url: ''
    branch: master
  uuid: f0072597-f475-4513-af94-13a33b630923
  name: Mike Pirog

email - The account used to spin up this site.
site - This is the machine name of your site used by Pantheon.
dev - This is the machine name of the Pantheon environment you pulled.
images (pending deprecation) - Docker tag to be used for images.
framework - Either drupal, drupal8, backdrop or wordpress
upstream - The Pantheon upstream from which your site gets updates.
uuid - The Pantheon user UUID associated with your email.
name - The name associated with your Pantheon account.

Changing the following should be considered SAFE FOR THE PUBLIC

php - Either 53, 55, 56 or 70. Change and run kbox rebuild to switch php versions.
skipdata - An array of Drupal tables. The data of which should be skipped. Uses Drush glob syntax

skipdata on available on Drush 7 and higher

This functionality is only available if your Pantheon environment is running drush 7 or higher. You can use kbox terminus site to both check and set the drush version.