Kalabox GUI for Pantheon Apps

The Kalabox GUI allows you to pull down Pantheon sites, work on them, and push changes back to them, all with a few clicks.

If you are not already familiar with the basic Kalabox GUI please take some time to read about it.

Access the Sidebar

Click add new site

The sidebar is where you can create Pantheon sites. To access the sidebar, either click “Add New Site” or the “+” button in the upper right-hand corner.

Connect a Pantheon Account

Add pantheon account credentials

Click on “Pantheon” under “Add Account”. Provide an existing Pantheon Machine Token or click “Get a new one” to generate one on Pantheon. If you don’t have a Pantheon account, sign-up for a free one.

Download a Site From Pantheon

First, click on your newly added Pantheon account:

Click on account to see available sites

An accordion of site options should appear for you to select from. Click on one of the sites.

Name and Pull the Site

A prompt should appear asking you to name your site, select the environment you’d like to pull from, and choose whether you want to pull down your site’s database and files:

Name and pull your site

The name that you provide for the site will become the site’s Kalabox URL:
“[name-of-site].kbox”. It must be alpha-numeric; the only allowed special
character is a dash.

Non-Latin Characters

Right now Kalabox does not support characters beyond the 26 common Latin ones. This would be a great pull request (hint hint)!

You’ll also chose which environment you want to pull from. This will dictate
where database/files come from, so be aware that large assets will slow site

Why is My Site Taking So Long to Download?

When you first pull a Pantheon site, creation will take longer. This is because Kalabox is downloading many extra assets (Docker images) needed to run your site on Kalabox.

Your app should show up on the dashboard immediately, although it will be greyed out and will only show status messages regarding the creation progress:

Download in progress

When it has finished downloading, the green power light should be on and a color screenshot should be present:

Pantheon site successfully created

Click on the screenshot or site title to visit your site in the browser.

Get Database Connection Info

Site actions dropdown

If you click the “Actions” gear symbol on your new Pantheon app, you’ll see a number of options. Select “Connection Info” to see the database credentials to connect to your apps database from a browser like PHPMyAdmin or SQLPro:

Connection info

Pull Code, Database, and Files from Pantheon

Refresh site

Clicking “Pull Site” from the Actions dropdown allows you to pull down the latest code, database, and files from your Pantheon site. Note that you must select the environment you want to pull from, but you can also opt-out of pulling your files or database. Pulling new code is mandatory.

Merge Conflicts

If there’s a merge conflict between the local code you have and the code that’s on Pantheon, this operation won’t succeed.

Push Work Back to Pantheon

When you’re ready to deploy work back to Pantheon, select the “Push Site” option from the Actions dropdown.

Refresh site

Even if you don’t have code changes, you must fill out a commit message. This will leave you a commit message to record what database or file changes you have deployed.

If your site is in “SFTP” mode on Pantheon and a commit already exists, you will receive a warning that the push operation was not able to be completed. You’ll need to commit that code on Pantheon before the push operation can be ran successfully.

Refreshing Your Site List

If you add new sites to your Pantheon account and don’t see them in your site list on Kalabox, hit the refresh button next to the site search form after clicking on your Pantheon account in the sidebar:

Refresh sites list